What Is Coconut Oil And Its Benefits

Coconut oil has been used by the natives of Kerala in India for many years and is now widely used all over the world for its medicinal value.

Virgin coconut oil is derived from fresh coconuts. When the coconut is chopped, the coconut oil is cold pressed within two hours. Fresh coconut kernel is shredded and dried to about 10% to 12% moisture.

The moist shredded coconut is then pressed to extract the virgin coconut oil. Refined coconut oil is often referred to as RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized) coconut oil. Coconut oil may be partially or fully hydrogenated to increase its melting point in warmer temperatures.

Hair is very sensitive to changes in the body. Factors such as stress, malnutrition, hormone imbalance, pollution and chemicals contribute to hair loss and hair breakage. Losing 75 to 100 strands of hair a day is normal.

At any given time 90% of the hair follicles are in the growing phase and 10% are in the resting phase. Taking simple and proper care of your hair will give amazing results.

Did you know that coconut oil can actually help you lose weight, improve overall health and possibly extend your lifespan? There is a plethora of research and traditional wisdom heralding the immense benefits of extra virgin coconut oil.

You can bake with it, add it to foods or eat it plain as a supplement. Here’s how to eat coconut oil and enjoy it.

Purchase organic extra virgin coconut oil for use as a raw supplement. It’s important not to buy coconut oil without the “organic extra virgin” classification for health supplement use because it will not be as beneficial due to the processing.

Organic extra virgin coconut oil is the most pure and best for you. Expeller-pressed coconut oil is great for cooking and baking.

Unrefined coconut oil is less widely available than the refined coconut oil variety. The refinement of coconut oil eliminates many of the impurities and flavors from the oil but it can also remove some of the beneficial elements that naturally occur in unrefined oil.

Among other medicinal uses you can safely use unrefined coconut oil to help prevent premature aging and promote a healthy, youthful appearance.

Use unrefined coconut oil on your scalp to prevent damaged hair and dry scalp. This natural hair treatment promotes the re-growth of damaged hair while acting as a natural conditioner.

The many people that use coconut oil on a daily basis, ingesting 2 to 3 tablespoons per day, report reaping several benefits from it. Increased energy levels, softer skin, healthier hair and a decrease in sugar and carb cravings.

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